Changing environment, Growing City and
Evolving Map


Drawing real-time Korea today

One of the fastest growing countries in the world, Korea had whole lot of changes for the last 30 years. Empty fields with just a few tree lines were filled with complicated road network and high buildings, mountains have disappeared and hills were filled with high apartments and condos. Without missing a change along with the years, the Mappers was the one to witnessed all of what happened on site creating fast and exact map to present real-time Korea.

대한민국의 변화를 지도에 그리다


Driving length of over 10 times around the earth each year, Mappers map is drawn today

The biggest market share with recognition of the best navigation software in Korea.
In June of year 2006, we have turned engine of map database collecting vehicle as the first step forward without anyone watching. With driving over 10 times length of the earth each and every year, we have created very best navigation brand “Atlan” that presents rapidly changing world and it became the name of navigation in Korea. Even now, the value of Atlan is created with seamless technology developments and new services leading the market. We presented the first cloud navigation application in the market and are leading connected car market with the hybrid navigation service using dedicated mobile navigation as well. Under the company motto of “Serving customer happiness by providing the best map service”, Mappers are running forward today.

맵퍼스 브랜드의 출시, 시장 점유율 및 DB 데이터의 양적 그래프

맵퍼스 브랜드의 출시, 시장 점유율 및 DB 데이터의 양적 그래프

MMS차량, 10여년 지도만을 연구했습니다


Constantly evolving technology, that is the innovation we pursue

Atlan is evolving into the 3D electronic maps of Korea based on the experiences that Mappers has accumulated over the last decade. The core competitiveness that supports the evolution is our ability to provide the latest information quickly, at all times with accurate map data. We ensure all our products, both automotive navigation systems and personal navigation devices, are based on the latest data by aggressively applying communication technology. This tenacious effort made it possible for us to launch Korea's first cloud-based 3D navigation app. At this very moment, we are working day and night to provide new services that Atlan's customers could never imagine to have before. We relentlessly seek to create a map tailored just for you, not just a simple map you use to find your way around. Our technology that has no boundary on imagination is evolving tirelessly.

맵퍼스 조직도


With the cloud-based map service, we will continue our journey of innovation for our customers

파트너사 소개

파트너사와 함께 갑니다


With over decades of experience developing precise digital maps and top-notch software technology, Mappers advances as a map solution provider through continuous research and innovation.




“우리의 자부심은 바로 고객의 신뢰에서 나옵니다. 항상 믿을 수 있는 최고의 서비스를 준비하고 있습니다.”